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A Competitive Advantage with Race Optimal

Race Optimal is the world's state-of-the-art racing line generation engine. Our software produces accurate racing lines in three dimensions. Driver's with access to optimal racing lines have a huge advantage over their competitors who must discover the right approach to a track by a slow process of trial and error.

Automated racing line generation is an indispensable tool for teams competing at the cutting edge of racing technology. Providing drivers with this data will improve the efficiency and quality of driver-in-the-loop testing and help achieve faster qualifying times and better performance on race day. With full access to our source code, racing line optimization and extremely fast lap simulation can be fully integrated into the testing and development cycle.

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Software Implementation

Implemented as a blazing fast C++ library, Race Optimal can perform hundreds of lap simulations per second on a single core. Optimal racing lines can be produced from scratch in about 10 minutes, depending on configuration.

Because of its speed, Race Optimal can be used as more than a racing line optimization package. It can also provide quick validation and testing of possible vehicle configurations (tire selection, downforce, engine power) and help formulate and optimize an overall race strategy, taking into account tire degredation, fuel consumption and other factors.

Physics Model

The Race Optimal physics model allows user defined curves for the following properties:

  • engine power and gearing
  • downforce
  • aerodynamic drag
  • g-force limits
  • tire friction coefficient vs. normal force
  • tire slip
  • brake/throttle rate-of-change limits

For motorcycles, the following properties are also customizable:

  • lean angle limitation
  • roll rate limitation

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The following examples demonstrate Race Optimal's capabilities. The lines show the optimal approach to the entire circuit, including the location of every apex. The correct line through complex corner combinations and weaving esse patterns is computed with ease. Providing drivers the opportunity to study this information before getting onto the track will allow them to find the best physical line much more rapidly and improve their minimum lap time as well.

Remember that different vehicles will produce drastically different lines. These are simply demonstrations with a generic test vehicle. Race Optimal lines are specifically tailored to YOUR vehicle, and even your driving style.

Circuit of the Americas

Shanghai International Circuit

Silverstone GP Circuit