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“Great product and great support...I hope to spend a lot of time with the videos this winter”
— Wade H. (Shelby GT500)
“Your maps have helped me a ton! Great product...keep it up!”
— Dave P. (BMW S1000RR)
Custom Simulation
Price: $30 per track
Results will be delivered within one week. Choose the rush option for 24 hour delivery.
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Important - Please Read!
I acknowledge that the optimization and simulation are two dimensional and do not include 3D effects such as elevation change, banking, bumps or surface conditions.
I acknowledge that the aerial view racing line map is a bonus feature and may be innacurate with respect to the track boundaries.
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$30 per track
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What do I Get?

After you build your custom vehicle model, the sophisticated optimization engine takes over, using a genetic algorithm and over a million simulated laps to calculate your vehicle's theoretical best run. Then, we produce three simulation videos like the ones on this site, showing your ideal racing line taken at different speeds, from a moderate pace to a track record lap for your vehicle type.

Along with the videos, you receive three racing line maps: one with a solid color racing line, and another "heat map" with a color-coded line to show the brake and throttle values. The third map is a bonus feature: an aerial heat map drawn on the actual race track. In compliance with Google's terms of service, this is provided via a link to web page, not as a JPEG like the other maps. For technical reasons, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the aerial racing line map.

Sample Results: Video Lap Simulations

Included are three video lap simulations, providing examples of a moderate, aggressive, and track record lap.

Racing Line Heat Map

Also included is a heat map like the one below, showing the brake and throttle values.

Racing Line Solid Color Map

Also included is a solid color racing line map like the one below.

Bonus Feature: Aerial Heat Map

Click the image below to visit the interactive map. As a bonus feature you get a link to an aerial racing line map. The aerial map of the racing line may drift with respect to the boundaries, due to inconsistencies in how Google aligns ground locations with GPS coordinates.