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The Streets of Willow Springs - CCW

Willow Springs International Motorsports Park

Rosamond, California, USA
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MX-5 Miata
911 GT3 RS 4.0
Yamaha FZ1
F1 Car
1.69 MI
2.72 KM
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*PLEASE NOTE* The racing lines and simulations shown here are based on a simplified analysis that does not incorporate 3D effects such as camber and elevation, track irregularities, or surface conditions. It assumes perfect grip and perfect pilot control. Always temper your approach to a racetrack with common sense and an awareness of your skill level. Be safe out there!
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Lap Times Explained

Each column represents a vehicle driven on different racing lines. For example, the first row of the first column is the time for the Miata driven on its own line. The second row represents the Miata driven on the Porsche's racing line, and so on. It is expected that when a vehicle is driven on its own line (large font) the lap time will be the quickest. Otherwise, Al has not done his job very well.

Line Miata GT3 RS Moto F1 beta
Miata 1'24.12 +0.79 +1.15 +0.88
GT3 RS +1.59 1'14.31 +0.03 +0.69
Moto +2.94 +1.09 1'15.67 +1.99
F1 +0.69 +0.41 +1.00 51.36

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The Streets of Willow Springs - CCW

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The Racing Line at The Streets of Willow Springs - CCW

Looking at the racing line diagram for the Streets of Willow clockwise and counterclockwise layouts, you'd be hard-pressed to tell which is which.

On the CCW circuit, the most obvious difference is in the line around the fishbowl. Here, the Miata swings out the farthest and the motorcycle stays in even tighter than before. This is also where most drivers make take the biggest deviation from the recommended approach, staying out wide while entering 6, then cutting in for the late apex. It's more efficient to catch the left apex while braking down.

Another area where efficiency is lost is through Turns 4 and 5, where some drivers use more back-and-forth left to right steering inputs than necessary. There should be only rightward turning until 5B, then leftward turning all the way through 6. When taken properly, after exiting Turn 4, all vehicles can be at full throttle until braking for Turn 6.

Spec Miata Battle

Founder's Notes

Don't oversteer at the fishbowl..don't oversteer at the fishbowl..DANGIT I oversteered at the fishbowl. Impressive car control though! Turn 11 is the only place I think this driver deviates from Al's line very much.

Time Attack

Founder's Notes

These are the best laps to get familiar with the track and learn the lines. Motorcycles won't go so deep around the fishbowl, but for this vehicle the approach is just about perfect.

1'29.45 in Subaru WRX

Founder's Notes

Solid lines! The double apex at the fishbowl might even be a bit exaggerated, but it's still good to see it. This car could probably exit wider at Turn 12 for a little more speed through that section, but it depends on the power level.

Exige Cup 255 Time Trial

Founder's Notes

This is pretty much how to take this track. I think the driver could swing out for the double apex at 6 a bit earlier, and stay farther to the right during the first part of 11. Otherwise very nice laps in a fast car.

Subaru STi 1'23.44

Founder's Notes

This is the fastest lap I've found so far. Very nice through the fishbowl. Take notes, people!

Motorcycle in Advanced Group

Founder's Notes

This rider doesn't seem to be overly concerned with making full use of the track, which is perfectly OK. But there are still a couple general points to make: first, carry more speed and exit wider through Turn 3, instead of staying to the left when setting up for Turn 4. Second, take a tighter line around the fishbowl.