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MX-5 Miata
911 GT3 RS 4.0
Yamaha FZ1
F1 Car
2.2 MI
3.54 KM
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*PLEASE NOTE* The racing lines and simulations shown here are based on a simplified analysis that does not incorporate 3D effects such as camber and elevation, track irregularities, or surface conditions. It assumes perfect grip and perfect pilot control. Always temper your approach to a racetrack with common sense and an awareness of your skill level. Be safe out there!
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Lap Times Explained

Each column represents a vehicle driven on different racing lines. For example, the first row of the first column is the time for the Miata driven on its own line. The second row represents the Miata driven on the Porsche's racing line, and so on. It is expected that when a vehicle is driven on its own line (large font) the lap time will be the quickest. Otherwise, Al has not done his job very well.

Line Miata GT3 RS Moto F1 beta
Miata 1'41.37 +1.16 +2.37 -0.05
GT3 RS +1.37 1'29.12 +0.66 +0.62
Moto +2.87 +0.74 1'31.06 +2.22
F1 +1.21 +1.71 +2.66 57.46

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Utah Motorsports Campus - West Circuit

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The Racing Line at Utah Motorsports Campus - West Circuit

The West Circuit at Utah Motorsports Campus contains the turns Sunset Bend through Precision from the main track. The big, sweeping Turns 1 through 3 always seem like they can be taken faster. Then, it's hang on for dear life as you blow through Scream at full throttle and full lean for the bikers out there.

There are many potential lines through Black Rock Hairpin, as long as you hit that first apex, so choose whichever one feels best for you. At Turn 6, most pilots enter overly wide. Turn 7 is only tricky if you fail to treat it as a single turn. Apexing slightly early at Indecision will help invalidate its name and lead to full use of the track leading up to Precision. Enter on the inside of Precision, and drive out early if you're underpowered. Motorcycles may not use the full track while exiting Turn 10, and that's ok.

Spec Miatas Racing

Founder's Notes

I never get tired of seeing the slow-bump-from-behind in a Spec Miata, followed promptly by a jovial wave from the leading car. These drivers seem committed to the wide entrance around Turn 6, but Al swears it's faster to stay in a bit tighter.

Mustang FR500 S Track Attack

Founder's Notes

I started you off somewhere in the middle of this video. It's a good one to learn the track with. This driver is out even wider than usual at Turn 6.

Greg Valdez in 2005 Subaru STi

Founder's Notes

Hey, Greg tied the Miata's optimal lap time, nice job! I'm serious, that's usually pretty hard to do in a STi. Too wide entering Turn 6, but you're hardly alone in that.

MPRA Race May 2011

Founder's Notes

Not really F1 but so what. You got your accelerometer flipped around, buddy! This is the video to watch that makes the others seem insanely slow.