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Summit Point Circuit

Summit Point Motorsports Park

Summit Point, West Virginia, USA
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MX-5 Miata
911 GT3 RS 4.0
Yamaha FZ1
F1 Car
2 MI
3.22 KM
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*PLEASE NOTE* The racing lines and simulations shown here are based on a simplified analysis that does not incorporate 3D effects such as camber and elevation, track irregularities, or surface conditions. It assumes perfect grip and perfect pilot control. Always temper your approach to a racetrack with common sense and an awareness of your skill level. Be safe out there!
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Lap Times Explained

Each column represents a vehicle driven on different racing lines. For example, the first row of the first column is the time for the Miata driven on its own line. The second row represents the Miata driven on the Porsche's racing line, and so on. It is expected that when a vehicle is driven on its own line (large font) the lap time will be the quickest. Otherwise, Al has not done his job very well.

Line Miata GT3 RS Moto F1 beta
Miata 1'26.33 +0.81 +0.85 +0.84
GT3 RS +1.04 1'14.52 +0.14 +1.21
Moto +1.52 +0.59 1'16.04 +2.02
F1 +0.69 +1.01 +1.38 48.66

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Summit Point Circuit

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The Racing Line at Summit Point Circuit

Summit Point Raceway is racing complex that features the Summit Point, Shenandoah, and Jefferson circuits. Summit Point Circuit contrasts nicely to the labyrinthical Shenandoah, and offers a nice set of corners that offer significant ambiguity concerning line selection.

Jumping right in at Turn 1, you'll notice that the Miata, Porsche, and Motorcycle take vastly different approaches. The Miata takes the apex at a higher speed and runs all the way out to the left edge before turning back in to meet the third apex. The Porsche also hits the third apex, but stays tighter through the first half of the combination in order to get pointed down the straight and putting power down sooner. The motorcycle stays tighter still, but runs wide of the third apex.

Turn 3 is a mid-to-late apex corner that surges slightly uphill. It can be taken faster than expected as long as the full track is utilized. Turns 4/5 are the first section where pilots have a hard time choosing an approach. Looking at all the lines (except the F1), however, you see that the approach into 5 is far from a straight line. Four-wheeled vehicles should be pointed back to the right of center before turning in to 5, with substantial braking and steering taking place throughout the entry zone. Taking Turn 4 as fast as possible, using more track on the exit, can also lead to passing opportunities, especially for motorcycles.

All vehicles turn in to 6 just as the track kinds leftwards. This brings us to probably the most controversial claim regarding this track, which is that no vehicle's centerline (again except F1) should be left of mid-track at any point between Turns 6 and 7. The only reason to swing out that wide is to gain speed down the straight at the expense of more time in the corner. Since most vehicles will be limited to their cornering speed in Turn 9, if not Turn 8 as well, any benefit from swinging all the way outside before apexing 7 is lost. Furthermore, the line should depart from the right curb in Turn 6 right as that curb ends - not before.

Turns 8, 9, and 10 are less-than-90° corners without any particularly special approach required. Motorcycles should enter 9 from slightly left of center, whereas other vehicles are about mid-track. Keep it perfect through 10 and maybe you'll have a photo finish like one of the bike videos below!

TTA Lap Record @1:20.34

Founder's Notes

The hot lap begins at 1:50, and sets the record despite running wide of the first apex. There are primarily two spots where there appears to be time available. The first is in Turns 4-5. The driver can actually carry more speed through 4 - either that, or turn farther back to the right before entering 5. As it is, the pilot has a short period without significant turning or braking before entering 5, which is wasted grip. Secondly, Al recommends a slightly tighter line through Turns 6-7. Reaching all the way to the outside of the track may slightly increase the exit speed at the expense of time spent in the corner, but speed is limited by Turn 9 going out onto the straight, so it seems better to stay inside and get through the corner quicker.

Rob Robinette - S2000 Lap Record

Founder's Notes

The line through Turn 1 is spot on, but Turns 4 through 7 are not so much. Exiting 4, Rob could get farther to the right before entering 5 for a better mid-corner speed. He also sticks to the left a little too long before cutting right into Turn 6. And of course, we have the wide line through 6/7..

Track Record 1:13.76 Subaru STi

Founder's Notes

Now that is a fast lap. Like the previous video, it appears that more speed could be carried through Turn 4.

Ben Younger - Unlimited SBK Race

Founder's Notes

Notice how Ben is able to pass several riders coming out of Turn 4 due to his carrying more speed through the corner. Sadly, he makes the mistake of running too wide through 6/7.

Kevin Breeden - CCS Racing Superbike

Founder's Notes

It took a while, but I finally found a video that follows the optimized line pretty closely, particularly around Turns 1 and 6/7.

SCCA 1:07.6 Lap

Founder's Notes

The wide line through Turns 6 and 7 is more appropriate for this car.