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Donington Park Racing Circuit - B

Castle Donington, Leicestershire, England
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MX-5 Miata
911 GT3 RS 4.0
Yamaha FZ1
F1 Car
1.99 MI
3.20 KM
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*PLEASE NOTE* The racing lines and simulations shown here are based on a simplified analysis that does not incorporate 3D effects such as camber and elevation, track irregularities, or surface conditions. It assumes perfect grip and perfect pilot control. Always temper your approach to a racetrack with common sense and an awareness of your skill level. Be safe out there!
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Lap Times Explained

Each column represents a vehicle driven on different racing lines. For example, the first row of the first column is the time for the Miata driven on its own line. The second row represents the Miata driven on the Porsche's racing line, and so on. It is expected that when a vehicle is driven on its own line (large font) the lap time will be the quickest. Otherwise, Al has not done his job very well.

Line Miata GT3 RS Moto F1 beta
Miata 1'24.05 +1.09 +2.24 +0.05
GT3 RS +1.49 1'11.39 +1.10 +1.44
Moto +2.12 +0.44 1'11.77 +2.24
F1 +0.32 +1.42 +2.98 46.69

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Donington Park Racing Circuit - B

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The Racing Line at Donington Park Racing Circuit - B

The second configuration of at Donington Park omits the section containing Melbourne Hairpin, instead connecting Starkey's Straight directly to Wheatcroft Straight via a differnt S section.

MX5 Race

Founder's Notes

There's some drama in the beginning of this vid, as our driver goes through the gravel at the Esses. When the traffic clears up and we get a chance to look at the proper line, it looks pretty good!

Nigel Greensall - Richard Stables Radical PR6 Lap Record

Founder's Notes

Looking at Turn 2, for most vehicles there are three apexes, the last one occurring shortly before turn-in for Turn 3. There may be some time to make up for Nigel by hitting the first apex as shown in the map for the GT3 RS, F1 car, and Miata. It's also probably better to drive out a bit wider of the final apex in Coppice.

Oskar Krüger - Radical Clubman's Cup Lap Record

Founder's Notes

This lap looks pretty spot on. There may be half a tenth or so in coming a little closer to the last apex in Coppice, but that's about all I see. There are a couple glitches in the video, don't let them throw you.

GT3 RS Laps

Founder's Notes

Vid's a little shaky, but the laps are pretty spot on, especially the one beginning around 3'55. I actually can't find anything about the line that doesn't look right according to Al. Well done!

Nissan GTR GT3 - Alex Buncombe

Founder's Notes

Alex is a passing machine!

CBR600 Track Day

Founder's Notes

We slow things down (a little). I drop you in at the first decent lap. The line is a little inconsistent, but seems pretty good. The exit from Coppice is a bit too wide, however.

KTM Superduke in Streetfighter Race

Founder's Notes

Pretty good ride except for the DNF at the end! The line is good, but one thing I noticed is that this rider should stay farther to the right after exiting Turn 6 while entering McLean's. There simply isn't enough time to get back to the left without slowing down unnecessarily or running wide of the apex.

GSXR-750 Sprint Race

Founder's Notes

This is a good video for learning the track.