McLaren P1 Simulated at Top Gear Track (+Huayra!)

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The McLaren P1 is a fascinating car – producing huge power, massive downforce for a road car, and utilizing advanced tech like active aero and brake steer, it remains driver friendly and is more thrilling than terrifying with the electronic aids switched off. A while ago I wrote a post describing the simulation process for this amazing hypercar, and published videos of the simulated laps around Yas Marina Circuit, where Chris Harris did his YouTube review of the P1. During the follow-up, it was suggested over at the McLaren Life forums to simulate the P1 at the Top Gear test track and put out a lap time prediction. I said..hell yeah!

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Custom Racing Line Optimization Now Available!

I’ve neglected this little blog over the past year or so. The good news, though, is that there are now a LOT of tracks on Race Optimal. 61 tracks with 141 configurations, as of writing. Circuits that have been digitized, racing lines optimized and simulations of vehicles traversing that racing line as fast as possible created. I’ve also improved the video format, and even more importantly, re-tuned the physics simulation to correct two major issues: 1) the throttle/brake transitions are too jerky, and 2) the throttle/brake transitions are too jerky dammit!

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A Sub-Optimal State of Affairs

aThe idea of the racing line, or “groove,” as it’s sometimes called in the oval track community, can be evasive. It’s completely theoretical – an imaginary path around the track that supposedly lets us turn quicker laps. It’s more than a ghost, however. You can see evidence of it’s existence on the track – dark streaks of rubber that run from turn-in, to apex, to exit. Yes, you know there has to be a route that truly is the fastest – the perfect line – the racing line.
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